Back home , looking back

It's been exactly a week since I left Japan to my hometown back in France. When you are back from a long and intense journey your body feels full of everything. So much has happenend during that journey. From the people I met , the new discoveries on the way to the landscape I crossed.... Continue Reading →

Capsule hotel

So this is it. My last night in Japan. I have choosed a rather unusual place for the occasion. A capsule hotel. Do-c Gotanda is a capsule hotel with an Apollo space station feel. The design of that place is "raw" and minimalistic. You can also find a sauna at the underground level. This place... Continue Reading →

Sea , Japan & Sun

My journey across Japan is slowly reaching the end. But is not yet finished. For my last destination I'm going to the coast to find the sea. I'm going to a small town called Kamakura loacted less than an hour south of Tokyo. After all theses mountains I was excited to reconnect with the sea.... Continue Reading →

Okunikko day trip

For my second day in Nikko i'm going to explore a nearby area called Okunikko. It's a mountainous region of Nikko that lies at a higher elevation, deeper into the mountains. The sceneries are meant to be stunning there. I put my hiking shoes ready for a new adventure. From Nikko station it takes about... Continue Reading →

Toshogu shrine

Today we are going to Nikko. A town that had been a center of Shinto and Buddhist mountain worship for many centuries. Nikko is known to offer scenic, mountainous landscapes, lakes, waterfalls, hot springs, wild monkeys and hiking trails. Sounds good isn't. Also it's not to far for Tokyo. Count about 2 hours train journey.... Continue Reading →

Snow & onsens

Today we are going higher in the Japanese Alps. My next destination is a nearby region called Okuhida. This area is famous for its hot springs and is apparently one of the best places in all of Japan to enjoy large, attractive outdoor baths in natural settings (also called "rotemburo"). This sounds very exciting isn't... Continue Reading →

Shirakawa-go day trip

Today we are going to a world heritage unesco site in the Japanese Alps. The mysterious village of Ogimachi in Shirakawa-go. From Takayama the bus ride is about 50 min. I was very suprised to see how many tunnels we went throught. The last tunnel was apparently the second longest in Japan (about 2 km).... Continue Reading →

Furukawa day trip

Today we are going to a new destination , Furukawa. This small town is located only 15 min by train from Takayama. It was also cheap to get there (240 yen or 2 euro) so no excuses . Furukawa is smaller and calmer than Takayama. Like Takayama, the town gained wealth and fame through the... Continue Reading →

Rural area

There is a nothing better than a clear blue sky to start a new day. My hotel is more than 3 km away from the town center but I actually really enjoy riding along that river everyday. Takayama rituals. Riding a bicycle is a meditation. I really enjoy doing that especially in Japan. The landscapes... Continue Reading →

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