Seaside Getaway

For the next few days we are stopping by two seaside towns. Going slightly further south from Shizuoka city we found a hidden gem called Yaizu. Apparently they is not much to do there which is exactly what we wanted at that point. Just like eating big meals , your body needs time to digest... Continue Reading →

Tea Blending workshop

Shizuoka really is the Mecca of Green tea. It's a heaven to experience many workshops. We wanted to get a feel of the Tea Blending. We met a tea master a day before and we got curious to understand on a more practical level what it means to Blend tea together. Time for a workshop... Continue Reading →

Shizuoka “citea”

We are now coming back to civilization after 4 days in the tea farms. Our coming stop is Shizuoka city. We knew that Shizuoka was the main producer of green tea in Japan so we were excited to discover the main city of that prefecture. They must be endless tea houses to samples beautiful teas.... Continue Reading →

Tea farms

Shizuoka prefecture is the first producer of Green tea in Japan therefore it's a great place to be if you are a tea lover. We wanted to see theses farms from our eyes. We drink that tea every day but we don't even know about it. This trip is turning into a tea trip. Let's... Continue Reading →

Fuji & Green tea land

We finally left the Izu Peninsula to get closer to Japan's tallest mountain , Fuji san. To get there we tooked the train and passed by a very industrialised area , Fuji city. This city didn't seem appealing to us. Somehow this industries are needed to promote economic growth and maintain a good quality of... Continue Reading →

Wonder Museum – Shizuoka

We are now nearby the famous Fuji mountain in Fujinomiya city. There is an abandoned museum not so far away from downtown. We don't have many pieces of information about it but we found the location on Google map. There is a great website that catalogue many of these places all across Japan. It's all... Continue Reading →

Peaceful town

Today we are taking a walk in Shuzenji Onsen. This area is well known for having top-notch onsens , ryokans and fresh wasabi. We wanted to stay there for our trip but the prices were way to high for us. If you look for high standing accomodations , Shuzenji town should be the place to... Continue Reading →

Wasabi Farm

Our adventure is leading us to the Izu peninsula in Shizuoka prefecture. After a 3 hours train journey from Tokyo we finally reached Shuzenji. Riding an old 70's train. This area of Japan is well known for his top class Wasabi , in fact the Wasabi plant is known to originate from Izu. Shuzenji and... Continue Reading →

Abandoned Ryokan – Izu

Exciting time today after coming nose to nose with a new ruin to explore. Japan is well known for having many abandoned hotels. In fact during the 60's Japan economy was the second strongest in the world and during that "Golden time" many hotels and other facilities opened. Later on during the 90's the economy... Continue Reading →

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