Inokashira Park & Kichijoji

Hello world

My guesthouse is located in a quiet and residential area of Tokyo , called Kichijoji. It’s a very nice place to live because you have access to green nature , many shops and restaurant , the cost of living is reasonable and the pace of life is slow . It feels like a human-scale neighbourhood. Let’s explore this sweet area.

Waking up on a morning , still tired and jetlag. The best way to wake up is to take a gentle walk in the nearby park. Inokashira Park is one of the biggest in Tokyo city. Tokyoite absolutely love this place. It’s a good hangout area for kids to play around , parents , dogs , joggers and couples.

Enjoy the serenity of the Park.

You can also find what seems to be a temple , or maybe it was a shrine. Remember Japan has two main religion , Buddhism and Shintoism. These two are often blended together so it might be tricky to differentiate the two. Theses religions are a big part of the culture but from my understanding Japaneses don’t actually practice these spiritual paths. It is done more in a cultural way. There are of course some people who practice daily but I believe they are in minority. It’s quite interesting to look at this , how we can misunderstand what we see.


P1050878This temple was surrounded by water. Special place.

P1050876Spread your wings


P1050893 Slow and easy atmosphere
The park is located at just 5 min from my guesthouse. From there you can reach the heart in Kichijoji in about 5 more minutes. They is many entrance / exit.

P1050904This exit is the closest from downtown

P1050909Back to “civilisation”
P1050923Welcome to Kichijoji. Some modern buildings..

P1050918.. some with interesting shapes. The way space in being used in Tokyo is fascinating. Everything is optimised.

In the small backstreets of the town I have found a Taiyaki Shop. These are fish-shaped waffles with a filling inside. I remember that these were a big favorite of mine.

“Mecha Oishi” , so good ! This had a warm vanilla cream inside.

The town is easily walkable, big enough to find anything you want , and small enough to feel at ease. I would say this is a nice area to live in Tokyo.

At the train station , a little glimpse of France ..

P1050940Say hello to the good old “Picard”

After this gentle morning in Kichijoji it was time to head to a different district. Not so far away you can access the “hypercenter” of Tokyo in places like Shibuya. The Inokashira line is perfect to access it. With “express” train you can be there in just about 15 min and 190 yen (1.5 euro). The Tokyo railway system is massive. It allows people to commute efficiently around that gigantic city.

Bye bye Kichijoji ! Nice meeting you. See you in Shibuya for the next episode.




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